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Uncle Grandpa Sings the Classics is a short after the episode Uncle Grandpa for a Day.


The short begins with Uncle Grandpa Singing The Classics which is an ad brought to you by Mart Mart. The faux commercial essentially tries to sell you the Uncle Grandpa Sings the Classics CDs, but in order to order it you must cry like a turtle.

Track List

Songs that were sung in the commercial

  • Diggin' a Hole
  • Don't Eat Pizza Steve
  • Mr. Gus is Green
  • Good Morning (All Night Long)
  • I Like Balloons
  • Handsome on a Boat
  • Please Pass the Mustard

Songs that were mentioned

  • Driving to the Dentist
  • I Got New Shoes
  • Tacos in Bed
  • I Think I'm Getting Fat
  • Gangster's Breakfast
  • Suitcase Full of Cheese
  • I See You Through The Window
  • I'm Scared at Night
  • I Lost My Keys Again
  • Slave to the Waffles
  • Swirly Patrol
  • The Chooze Juice
  • I Don't Want to Get Up
  • Dangerous Pilates
  • Caught in My Curtain
  • Too Much Paperwork
  • Eyeballs Fell Out
  • Scrolling Song Titles
  • Bugs in My Mustache
  • Floppy Disc Blues
  • Holiday Fun in the UG-RV
  • Do I Really Need Glasses?
  • There's a Rip in my Pants
  • Portable Pajamas
  • Dancing with my Clothes On


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