Uncle Grandpa No. 4


KABOOM Uncle Grandpa 004 B


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Uncle Grandpa No. 4 is the fourth issue of the Uncle Grandpa (Comic Series) that was released in January 2015


Introduction (by Yehudi Mercado)

Uncle Grandpa's Magical Jelly Bean (by Aron Nels Steinke)

Ballroom Dancing Search and Find (by Nichol Ashworth)

MacGuffin (by Christine Larsen)

Uncle Grandpa tells the Best Joke Ever (by Yehudi Mercado)

Lemon Moo (by Evgeny Yakovlev)

Cool Dudes (by Aaron Alexovich)

A Slice of Horror (by David Degrand)

Dearest Uncle Grandpa (by Yehudi Mercado)

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