Uncle Grandpa No. 3

UG3 cover 3

UG3 cover 2

UG3 cover 1

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Uncle Grandpa No. 3 is the third issue of the Uncle Grandpa (Comic Series) that was released in December 2014


Introduction (by Yehudi Mercado)

The Pickle Eating Contest (by Jimmy Giegerich)

A Tangle of Torso Dangles (art by Nichol Ashworth, colors by Whitney Cogar)

Uncle Grandpa's Dream Land (by Alex Chiu)

Uncle Grandpa Gets the Spins (by Kevin Burkhalter)

Intermission (by Yehudi Mercado)

The Legendary Legends of Pizza Steve (by Yehudi Mercado)

Anchovy Moon (by Aaron A.)

Uncle Grandpa in Frown Town (by David Degrand)

Hey Uncle Grandpa (by Yehudi Mercado)

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