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Screenshots from the Secret Mountain Fort Awesome episode

Uncle Grandpa is a American animated television series consisting of a pilot episode and an episode in the Cartoon Network's series "Secret Mountain Fort Awesome".

The series featured the voices of Peter Browngardt, Eric Bauza, Adam DeVine, Kevin Michael Richardson, Audie Harrison, Tom Kenny, Brian Posehn, Rob Schrab, Mark Hamill, Grey DeLisleJonathan Adams, Jarid Root, Tim Blaney and Dee Bradley Baker.

It has recurring shorts after the episodes like "A Slice of Life with Pizza Steve", "New Experiences with Beary Nice & Hot Dog Person", "Tiger Talk" and "Xarna: She-Warrior of the Apocalypse"

The series premiered in the US on September 2, 2013.

The series will premiere in the UK on April 14, 2014.


Uncle Grandpa was a short created by Peter Browngardt in 2008. The short heavily relied on gross-out humor and weirdness, which gave it postive reviews. It hit the public when Browngardt pitched it to Cartoon Network in 2009. The short got into a collection of ameteur shorts called the "Cartoonsitute", a series planned to start airing shorts in 2010, similar to the old "What A Cartoon Show". Cartoon Network executives enjoyed the short, and it, along with Regular Show, got picked up for a series. Cartoon Network wanted the series to only be about the disgustiods, the monsters that come out of Uncle Grandpa's "supercomputer" (toilet).

Pete started production of the show in 2010, choosing different disgustoids to be in the show. The show was about 5 disgustiods living inside a gross mountain. The series became to be known as "Secret Mountain Fort Awesome", which began to be aired in 2011. The series was renwed for a second season due to good ratings in 2011. In that second season, Pete decided to add an episode featuring Uncle Grandpa, which is known as "Uncle Grandpa 2" by fans, but is really called "Secret Mountain Uncle Grandpa". The 2nd season did bad in ratings, which caused the cancelation of the show in 2012.

In 2012, Pete once again pitched Uncle Grandpa, but this time he pitched "Secret Mountain Uncle Grandpa" as it was less gross than the first. Cartoon Network picked it up with Rebbeca Sugar's Steven Universe so he began production by creating more characters such as Pizza Steve and Mr. Gus to make it have a wide variety of shorts, not just having Uncle Grandpa help kids out. He made it even more a varitey show by airing a 8-9 minute episode, following a 10-15 second short and a one minute short for each episode. In early 2013, Pete and Cartoon Network announced the series would start airing in September. In August, CN began to show promos for the show. It's release date was in one promo, saying the series would start on the second of september. It started to air with good ratings. So far, it is unknown if the show will get picked up for a second Season.


Uncle Grandpa, the uncle and grandfather of everyone in the world, stop's by children's house every day to see how they are doing. The children he visits start off be annoyed by him, but after a series of chaotic and surreal misadventures, they end up liking him. He lives in a recreational vehicle (RV) and is accompanied by a red talking fanny pack named Belly Bag, an anamorphic dinosaur named Mr. Gus, a photo cutout of a tiger named Giant Realistic Flying Tiger, and a talking pizza slice named Pizza Steve.


Below are the 5 main characters, 16 recurring characters, few kids and adults, and the description of them.

Main CharactersEdit

  • Uncle Grandpa (voiced by Peter Browngardt) - The series' protagonist, Uncle Grandpa has a L-shaped head, a pink nose, a red fanny pack that talks, a propeller hat, and rainbow overalls. His outward appearance is very childlike and simplistic, and he is wall-meaning, fun-loving, and surprisingly competent. In "Uncle Grandpa Sitter" he reveals one of his many abilities to create a duplicate of himself, (which he does in many episodes). His catchphrase is "Good morning!"
  • Belly Bag (voiced by Eric Bauza) - Uncle Grandpa's talking red fanny pack and his best friend, who carries all of his priceless vaulables. He even contains an elevator inside that can lead to many secret dimensions. In the second Uncle Grandpa short "Secret Mountain Uncle Grandpa", he is referred to as "Fanny Pack" and only in that short is voiced by Paul Rugg.
  • Giant Realistic Flying Tiger - A static photographic cutout of a tiger that Uncle Grandpa rides on to get around. Like a real life tiger, she only communicates by roaring. Unlike a real tiger, she leaves a trail of rainbow smoke in flight. Her personality is a cross between that of a stereotypical teenage girl, a house cat, and a real life tiger.
  • Pizza Steve (voiced by Adam DeVine) - An egotistical talking pizza slice with sunglasses, who is a companion to Uncle Grandpa. He tells people how cool and awesome he is, which annoys his nemesis Mr. Gus. Steve is featured in his own cartoon shorts entitled "A Slice of Life with Pizza Steve", which usually involve Pizza Steve exaggerating his abilities. In "Tiger Trails ", he claims to be a black belt in Italian Karate, but he wears the black belt over his eyes instead of around his waist.
  • Mr. Gus (voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson) - A bad and sometimes liar dinosaur, who has lived more than a million years on Earth. He is unfazed by Uncle Grandpa's eccentricities. Gus has a more serious personality than the others, and he can be blunt and unemotional. In "Belly Bros ", Uncle Grandpa mentions that Gus is Uncle Grandpa's bodyguard. Gus acts as a parental figure for Uncle Grandpa in "Uncle Grandpa Sitter". His grumpy family (probably mother and father) appeared cameo in the short "Italian Karate Tournament".

Recurring CharactersEdit

  • Beary Nice (voiced by Audie Harrison) - A teddy bear accompanied by Hot Dog Person, and who see the world as being very nice, but doesn't notice Hot Dog Person when he is in danger, and he usually ends up with good experiences. His cathcphrase "Is beary nice! Wait, that's me!"
  • Hot Dog Person (voiced by Eric Bauza) - A hot dog accompained by Beary Nice, and who sees the world and new things as being very dangerous, he usually ends up having bad experiences.
  • Tiny Miracle (voiced by Tom Kenny) - Tiny Miracle is a robot that can perform miracles by just a series of unnecessary moves, and then technically performing the miracle only to lead up to another tiny miracle.
  • Charlie Burgers (voiced by Brian Posehn) - A talking dog that befriends Uncle Grandpa and his friends. He is seen to be well behaved and enjoys to go on adventures with Uncle Grandpa.
  • Frankenstein (voiced by Mark Hamill) - A tag-along with Uncle Grandpa in his adventures. Frankenstein appears randomly in the series, but rarely, if ever, has anything to do with the plot. Because of his condition, he is unable to talk, though he will occasionally roar. He is usally seated next to Uncle Grandpa in his chair.
  • Xarna, She Warrior of the Apocalypse (voiced by Eric Bauza) - A muscular-overly manly-like female warrior. She is on a mission to get some gas for her motorcycle.
  • Evil Wizard (voiced by Rob Schrab) - A wizard who obsess evil.
  • Remo's Dad (voiced by Paul Rugg, Kevin Michael Richardson) - A man who wears framed glasses. He is "uncool" father of Remo. He reappeared in Uncle Grandpa's 7 episode "Driver's Test", he is the driving instructor and he also is the father of Crazy Baby in the universe.
  • Kev (voiced by Jon Heder, Tom Kenny) - A destructive teenager who thought art is dumb, until Uncle Grandpa asks him that art is pretty fun. He first appeared in the episode "Secret Mountain Uncle Grandpa", he is one of Remo's friends.
  • Tanning Salon Lady (voiced by Adam DeVine) - A female worker who works at Scorch City Tanning Salon.
  • Uncle Grandpa's Sheep - A sheep who is the pet of Uncle Grandpa. He reappeared in the episode "Bad Morning", they are many sheep, GRFT throws all of the sheep at Uncle Grandpa to get sleep for doing a bad morning.
  • Arcade Employee (voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson) - A employee who works at the local arcade. He first appeared in "Tiger Trails", in the 2nd intermission, Uncle Grandpa zips down, it revealed was Arcade Employee. He reappeared in "Brain Game", he told Adam is the master of video games.
  • Adam (voiced by Dee Bradley Baker) - A boy who obsessed with video games and does nothing but play video games all day.
  • Crazy Baby - He is a evil baby who go crazy. He appeared in the episode "Belly Brothers" where he is possibly resembled and he surrounded with Beary Nice, Hot Dog Person, Adam and Eric. He officially appeared in the episode "Driver's Test" where he is accidentally created by Uncle Grandpa releasing him.
  • Ham Sandwich (voiced by Steven Blum) - A rotund nerdy teenager who started out hating Uncle Grandpa, but later grew to like him. In the Secret Mountain Fort Awesome episode "5 Disgustoids and a Baby", he appeared as responsive, and more stingy while intensely playing a portable gaming system. He can be seen in the show's intro.
  • Austin (voiced by Carlos Alazraqui) - Austin is a kid who had a lot of imperfections so he asked Uncle Grandpa to turn him into a robot to become the most perfect kid, and to eliminate all imperfections.

Kids and AdultsEdit

  • Benny (voiced by Zachary Gordon) - A kid who has a big belly. He was first ashamed of it, but Uncle Grandpa taught him the best features of having a big belly. He appeared in "Belly Bros".
  • Caleb (voiced by Jonathan Adams) - A boy that Uncle Grandpa takes out of a maths test to go a battle a wizard from outer space. He appeared in "Tiger Trails".
  • Melvin (voiced by Jarid Root) - Melvin is a bratty kid who like to play Space Emperor, with him being the emperor. When Uncle Grandpa accidentaly sent him into another dimension, he was sent to a planet where he's the emperor. He discovered what it's like being a servant, and learns his lesson after Emperor Krell bosses him around. He loves dinner sandwiches, and hates mayonnaise. He appeared in "Space Emperor".
  • Melvin's Babysitter (voiced by Grey DeLisle) - a teenage girl who babysits Melvin in the episode "Space Emperor".
  • Eric (voiced by Eric Bauza) - A boy who wanted a cool nickname and got "Cupcake" as his nickname. He appeared in the episode "Nickname".
  • Susie (voiced by Tara Strong) - A girl who's afraid if the dark. She appeared in the episode "Afraid of the Dark".
  • Akira (voiced by Jessika Van) - A japaneese boy from Japan who wanted to film a dramatic monster movie about Mr. Gus. He appeared in the episode "Big in Japan".
  • Dennis (voiced by Tom Kenny) - A boy who avoids going summer school. He mades the diorama named "Pyramids of Egypt", then uncle Grandpa accidentally ate his diorama. They go to Egypt to get real-life pyramid to elementary school to get A++++-+. He appeared in the episode "Uncle Grandpa Ate My Homework!".

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