This short is a promotional video made for CN Latin America 

Production Team

Directors Arturo "Vonno" Ambriz & Roy Ambriz 

Creative Development by Ricardo Córdova, Paco J. Espinal

Production Design by Roy Ambriz

Produced by Paco J. Espinal, Daniel Bolaños, Arturo “Vonno” Ambriz

Shooting Script by Paco J. Espinal, Ilse Apellaniz 

Main Puppets Fabrication by Mariel Zerecero

Puppet Fabrication by Adriana Rendón, Carlos “Homero” Seguí, Yeka García, Martha García

Set Design by Yeka García, Mariel Zerecero

Photography by Irene Melis, Daniel Bolaños

Assistant Camera: Fernando Rendón, Ramiro Cortés

Character Animation by Ricardo Córdova, Ricardo “Vargas” Calakaman

Music by Altermutz; Alberto "Alving" Herrera, Carlos "Homero" Seguí, Gabriel "Garffiel" Morales 

Visual Effects Artists: Roberto Petiches, Paco Ramírez

Post-production Supervisor: Gabriel Acuña

Visual Effects and Compositing by Roberto Petiches, Francisco Ramírez, Gabriel Acuña, César De Silva

Color Correction by Francisco Ramírez, Gabriel Acuña

Sound Design by Daniel Loustaunau  Assistant Sound Editor: Mariana Rodríguez

Sound and Score Mix: Grita Estudios; Pedro Castelán, Luis Enrique González

Art and Production Assistant: Mariana Lemus

Accounting: Marco Díaz

Executive Producers: Rodolfo Ambriz Adriana Rendón

Mexico City, 2015


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