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    This is an inappropriate thread. He is a magical being there is nothing literal or blood related about Uncle Grandpa I'm gonna punch the next person who says this
    23:07, November 30, 2015
    • Your grandpa marries your aunt?

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    • wrote:
      post your thoughts on the question

      i guess he's certain people's uncle and certain people's grandpa , and i have a outta the box theory on how he's like that with every1 in the world , he was the lone survivor of some apocalyptic event that wiped out the human race , leaving uncle grandpa , his sister , his son to be wife , and her brother as the only survivors , eventually , uncle grandpa married the girl , and her brother married uncle grandpa's sister , and they all had kids , and the human population spread once again , but soon , uncle grandpa's kids died , leaving their own kids left , and because their parents told them about him , they realized he was their grandpa , and his sisters kids realized he was their uncle , and uncle grandpa was refered to as uncle grandpa , and his wife was refered to as aunt grandma , had the kids survived , he probably would've been refered to as uncle grandpa dad , and aunt grandma would've probably been refered to as aunt grandma mom , and soon , the kids told their own kids stories about him , and whenever uncle grandpa would visit , the kids would be confused , so their parents would fill them in on the details , about him being every1 in the world's uncle and grandpa and all that stuff , but that's just my theory , i don't know if it's true or not , but it's just a theory , it may have been like that , maybe it wasn't i have no idea , but it's a good explanation although

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    • your great-grandmother has sex with her son who is your grandpa and they give birth to your mom so that is your mothers father and brother then she gives birth to you so he becomes your uncle grandpa. 

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