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How is it possible to be an uncle and grandpa to the same person

    • Your grandpa marries your aunt?

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      post your thoughts on the question

      i guess he's certain people's uncle and certain people's grandpa , and i have a outta the box theory on how he's like that with every1 in the world , he was the lone survivor of some apocalyptic event that wiped out the human race , leaving uncle grandpa , his sister , his son to be wife , and her brother as the only survivors , eventually , uncle grandpa married the girl , and her brother married uncle grandpa's sister , and they all had kids , and the human population spread once again , but soon , uncle grandpa's kids died , leaving their own kids left , and because their parents told them about him , they realized he was their grandpa , and his sisters kids realized he was their uncle , and uncle grandpa was refered to as uncle grandpa , and his wife was refered to as aunt grandma , had the kids survived , he probably would've been refered to as uncle grandpa dad , and aunt grandma would've probably been refered to as aunt grandma mom , and soon , the kids told their own kids stories about him , and whenever uncle grandpa would visit , the kids would be confused , so their parents would fill them in on the details , about him being every1 in the world's uncle and grandpa and all that stuff , but that's just my theory , i don't know if it's true or not , but it's just a theory , it may have been like that , maybe it wasn't i have no idea , but it's a good explanation although

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