Nubert Nimbo
Nubert Nimbo
Species: Human
Hair color: Dark Brown
Eye color: Blue
Personal Information
  "Casa de Nimbo"
  The Uncle Grandpa Show
Collecting Uncle Grandpa Show merchandise
Writing fanfiction
Production Information
Voiced by:
Billy West

Nubert Nimbo is a one time character who appears in The Fan he was formerly Uncle Grandpa's biggest fan. He is voiced by Billy West.

Physical Appearance

He's an older man with a moderately out of shape build, large nose, and dark brown hair styled into a page boy cut. He wears a worn orange shirt and worn green shorts as well as sandals.


Nubert is a typical fanatic, obsessive and clingy. He's extremely over protective and particular about the merchandise he collects and the fanart he makes, making sure even his own mother won't touch his stuff. He absolutely adored Uncle Grandpa and his show before Uncle Grandpa messed up all of his stuff. He is currently a huge fan of Xarna.




The Fan

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