Season 1 Shorts

Slice of Life with Pizza Steve

Speed Cycle

Hare Brush

Pizza Party

Car Radio

Mutant Pizza

Tiger Talk

Tiger Talk with Mr. Gus

Roommate Problems

Uncle Grandpa Changes a Light Bulb

Mr. Gus's Break Dance

Tiny Miracle the Robot Boy

The Legend of the Beardman:The Nighttime Tickler

Mr. Gus's Work Out

UG Rap Attack

Board Game Night

E-Mail the Duck

Uncle Grandpa Cooks a Burrito

Shave Time

Moments in History with Mr. Gus

George Washington

Leonardo DaVinci

Bubble Trouble

Scary Cyborg Guy

Uncle Grandpa Babies

Grandpa Cize

Workout Time for Mr. Gus

Lunch Break

Smile Juice

Grandpa at Arms

How to Draw with Uncle Grandpa

Who Wants the Last Pickle

Weird Man

Video Date-Maker Plus!

Season 2 Shorts

Fix That RV

Stinky Elevator

Uncle Grandpa and the Can of Beans Stalk

Pizza Steve's Killer Abs

Cutting the Wire

Cloud Gazing

Out of Fuel

Tag Sale

Mr. Gus Live

Beastoid Bros