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Mr. Gus


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"That doesn't make any sense"
Gender: Male
Species: Dinosaur
Birthday: February 31st/March 2nd/March 3rd
Eye color: Yellow
Personal Information
  The UG RV
  Uncle Grandpa
Pizza Steve (sometimes)
Belly Bag
Giant Realistic Flying Tiger
  Pizza Steve (sometimes)
Love Interests:
  Giant Realistic Flying Tiger (possible)
Watching TV
Uncle Grandpa (Uncle and Grandpa)
Production Information
Voiced by:
Kevin Michael Richardson

Mr. Gus is a major character in Uncle Grandpa. He is a dinosaur man that protects Uncle Grandpa, he lives with Uncle Grandpa, Pizza Steve, and Giant Realistic Flying Tiger in the RV, he can be very helpful. He is very calm, unlike his friends, and is a very serious character. He is voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson.

Physical Appearance

Mr. Gus is a tall, green, scaly dinosaur man. He wears a white tank top, and no pants. He has a pink mouth, and a gap.


Mr. Gus is a very nonchalant, and laid back. He has a deep voice, and it's always monotonous. His expression never changes when he his happy, or surprised. He usually always has the same expression except for on  occasions when he screams or his eyes go wide. Mr. Gus seems to be smarter then the rest of the crew, and the most level headed, though he is sometimes ignored like in the episode Funny Face  when he told UG and Pizza Steve that they shouldn't make funny faces because they "cause alot of pain". 

Mr. Gus is also very helpful, and nice despite his appearance. He doesn't mind helping others, and cares about others. 

It is shown on numerous occasions that Mr. Gus sees through Pizza Steve's bragging and doesn't believe in it. He is usually who Pizza Steve throws the blame for him not being able to do what he claim he cans. Mr. Gus doesn't respond though. 


  • Uncle Grandpa - Uncle Grandpa is always doing ridiculous things and Mr. Gus is always correcting him and trying to make him stop, but he never listens to him. Mr. Gus is always a stick in the mud when it somes to this sort of thing. He will constantly be trying to tell Uncle Grandpa the same thing throughout all of his crazy adventures, but he will always ignore him. Although Mr. Gus is constantly being annoyed by Uncle Grandpa, he still likes him and they are good friends.
  • Pizza Steve - Pizza Steve and Mr. Gus are sort of like frenemies. Mr. Gus is annoyed with Pizza Steve because he is always lying about himself saying that he's so cool even though he's not. Pizza Steve is always getting things wrong and Mr. Gus is always correcting him but Pizza Steve never listens. Mr. Gus and pizza steve have sort of a rivalry going on with each other where they'll constantly argue with each other. It will mostly be about how Pizza Steve is lying about something or about how Mr. Gus isn't any fun. but when even though they fight a lot, they are still best friends and they like each other more than they hate each other.
  • Giant Realistic Flying Tiger - It may be possible that Mr. Gus has a secret crush on Giant Realistic Flying Tiger. He has dropped multiple hints of loving her throughout the series. It has not yet been canonically proven that he is in love with her, but as for now, the two of them are just good friends.
  • Other Dinosaurs- Mr. Gus is seen with two other dinosaurs that are his friends or family members. The trio make their debut in More Uncle Grandpa Shorts.

Episodes Focusing on Mr. Gus

Absolute Focus

Significant Focus

Shorts Focusing on Mr. Gus

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