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Species: Rodent
Personal Information
  Giant Realistic Flying Tiger,(frenemy)
Uncle Grandpa
  Giant Realistic Flying Tiger (rival)
Love Interests:
  English Muffinz
Production Information
Voiced by:
Elizabeth Daily

Mouse is the main antagonist of Tiger and Mouse. She is voiced by Elizabeth Daily.


She is a gray mouse with long eyelashes and a pink tail.


The Mouse is portrayed as destructive, evident by her chewing apart every wire in the UG RV. She is also mean and selfish, immediatly ending her friendship with Giant Realistic Flying Tiger upon encountering the opportunity to date English Muffinz, a popstar she is obsessed with. She is also condenscending, insulting Giant Realistic Flying Tiger. Other than that, the Mouse acts like a stereotypical teenage girl, being obsessed with makeup, boys, and slumber parties.


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