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Moments in History with Mr. Gus is a recurring short after Food TruckUncle Grandpa at the MoviesExcept for Cooper and Tiny Miracle's Tiny Miracle.

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After Food Truck (George Washington)

Mr. Gus recalls a story about George Washington and reveals to us how absent minded he was. George Washington always forgot his pants, to the point Mr. Gus had to remind him that he had no pants. George Washington declared it a new law that pants are required to wear from that moment on. Belly Bag reminds Mr. Gus that he doesn't wear any pants himself after he finishes the story, in which Mr. Gus responds by shaming himself.

After Uncle Grandpa at the Movies (Leonardo Da Vinci)

Mr. Gus recalls a story about Leonardo Da Vinci was painting a picture about Mona Lisa and he throwed the painting away and let Mona Lisa Out and he found Mr. Gus that that he wanted to paint it and he thinks its great and Mr. gus has a wig on it and after he finishes the story he painted his lips on the picture.

After Expect for Cooper (Napoleon)

Mr. Gus tells the viewers that they'll be looking at a prominent figure of 19th century Europe who was not only known for his military expertise but also his influential progress in extinguishing oppressions of the feudal era. Mr. Gus goes on saying that Napoleon Bonaparte with great ambition was one that many didn't realize that his part of the French revolution might not have been possible if it weren't for a peculiar moment in history. Napoleon thinks that it's horrible that if he can't mount his giant horse, then how would he be able to lead his army to victory and thinks to himself about contacting his associates to help him, he then looks for a carrier pigeon. Mr. Gus then proceeds to offer his help to Napoleon and he wonders how someone like Mr. Gus could do to help him. Mr. Gus bends over to allow napoleon to walk casually up and mount his horse, and now he can start the revolution. And with his raising hand, his reign of France soon became a reality, Mr. Gus comments that to overcome adversity, you have to step up to the challenge, he then tries to put his book back on the shelf and falls down to the ground.

After Tiny Miracle's Tiny Miracle (Frederic Chopin)


George Washington

Leonardo DaVinci

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