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Giant Realistic Flying Tiger


Grft sleepwear

Grft in a bath towel

Grft beauty queen wig

Grft blushing

Happy grft

Grft smile

Grft upset

Angry grft

Grft wink

Nervous grft

Confused grft

Grft concerned

Grft annoyed

Grft suggestive face

Grft tongue

Tired grft

Grft funn face

Blue grft

Hairless grft

Grft pawn

Gender: Female
Species: Tiger
Hair color: Orange and Black
Eye color: Yellow
Personal Information
  The UG RV
  Uncle Grandpa
Mr. Gus
Pizza Steve
Belly Bag
Charlie Burgers
Tiny Miracle
Giant Realistic Flying Dolphin
  Moustache Monster
Zombie Pets
Funny Face Head
The UG RV Security System
Cactus Alien
Black Hole Monster
Getting her hair done
Boy Bands
Uncle Grandpa (Uncle and Grandpa)
Production Information
First Appearance:
  "Uncle Grandpa (pilot)" (unofficial)
"Belly Brothers" (official)

Giant Realistic Flying Tiger is a major character in Uncle Grandpa. She is, as her name implies, a large, realistic tiger who can fly by farting rainbows. She is into boybands and other girly things.


Giant Realistic Flying Tiger is a real photo of a real tiger. She is an orange tiger with black stripes and she farts rainbows when she flies. She can only speak in roars.  She has green-yellow eyes, but sometimes they change color.


Giant Realistic Flying Tiger acts like a stereotypical teenage girl. She sleeps in a pink room with posters of boys on it and she is always pampering herself by taking showers and sleeping and dressing herself up. She is also into fashion and art.


  • Uncle Grandpa - Giant Realistic Flying Tiger is sort of like Uncle Grandpa's pet. Giant Realistic Flying Tiger is a great friend to him too and she always comes in handy by letting him ride on her back as she flies him throughout the world, helping him on missions and taking him on adventures.
  • Mr. Gus - Mr. Gus has a friendly relationship with Giant Realistic Flying Tiger. She seems to take a bit of a liking to him (as seen in Jorts when she was oggling him in his Jorts). She also seems to deeply care about him (as seen in Big in Japan when she gave a heart warming speech about Gus when they all thought he was dead)
  • Pizza Steve- They are friends as they get along and look out for each other (as seen in Uncle Grandpa Sitter in the Ice Cream shop). Steve likes to sit on top of her head. He also likes to call her "Miss Thang".

Episodes Focusing on Tiger

Significant Focus

Shorts Focusing on Tiger

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