G'day Mornin'
Season 3, Episode 24
G'Day Morning Title Card
Premiered: July 1, 2016
Short: "Uncle Grandpa Takes Care With Crazy Baby"
Written and Storyboarded by:
  Myke Chilian
Nick Edwards
Story by:
  Kelsy Brott
Wade Randolph
Pete Browngardt
Audie Harrison
Casey Alexander
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G'day Mornin' is the 24th episode of Uncle Grandpa Season 3, and the 102nd episode overall of the series.


Uncle Grandpa visits Australia to stop a kangaroo from destroying the planet.


     The show begins with Uncle Grandpa piloting the UGRV plane, though unaware or uncaring that its engines are on fire and several warning lights are flashing. As he begins his final decent into what he believes is Paris, France- a nervous Belly Bag in tow, he gets a call from a member from the Council with urgent news. However, Uncle Grandpa decides to ignore it, as he brings the plane down into a crash land. When he and Belly Bag managed to exit, however, they find that they have wound up somewhere in the middle of the Australian Outback.

    Meanwhile, at a nearby vendor’s stand, a nerdish kangaroo named Joey skim through a few  of the collectibles there, managing to pick up several items that catch his fancy, including another kangaroo’s alarm clock. By the time he looks at a record, though, his hoard has become a heavy weight on his back, which goes toppling when Uncle Grandpa sneaks up behind him and scares him. Seeing his collectables in ruins, Joey bemoans his bad luck in collecting, mainly the fact that he has nowhere to store his things. Upon hearing this, and realizing that boy kangaroos don't have pouches, Uncle Grandpa decides to remedy his situation by placing a magic zipper onto Joey's body, thereby creating a makeshift pouch for him to store his things. This delights Joey to no end, thanking UG as he hops on his way, Uncle Grandpa in tow.

   In a nearby field, two kids are playing with action figures, when Joey bounces up to them and snags both toys from the two. Uncle Grandpa is upset about it at first, but when he inspects both the Battle Gadget Uncle Grandpa and Biker Armor Mr. Gus figures, he declares them to be “Special Editions”, and therefore, not for kids. He gives Joey the okay to collect both, and tries to make it up to the two kids by giving them a Special Edition Mutant Pizza Steve figure. However, his kindness is thwarted as Joey grabs the toy, reminding UG that such figures aren't for kids as he shoved it into his pouch, suddenly growing a bit. In his euphoria, Joey proclaims that he wants to keep collecting until he explodes. Uncle Grandpa worries that Joey has missed the point of his hobby, which is confirmed when the Kangaroo shoves both kids through his zipper, going into a frenzied collecting spree. Uncle Grandpa can only watch in shock as Joey starts to shove rocks, bushes, trees, and finally most of Australia's landmarks into his ever growing belly.

   By the time his frenzy has subsided, most of Australia has been stored inside Joey's body, which has ballooned out to a monstrous size. Uncle Grandpa chastises the huge kangaroo for letting himself become such a big fat hoarder, but Joey claims this to be a victory, declaring himself the greatest collector in Australia. His celebration is short lived, as the ground gives way under Joey’s weight, causing him and Uncle Grandpa to fall down a large pit and land in a dark cavern. As he looks around, Uncle Grandpa realizes, to his horror, that they had landed themselves in the underground lair of the Council of Mutant Uncle Grandpas, a tribe of mutated Uncle Grandpas that dwell beneath Australia and see the future through their third eye. The leader of the Council, who had tried to contact Uncle Grandpa several times before, welcomes the old man, lambasts him for giving Joey the zipper that lead to the catastrophe. Uncle Grandpa admits that the situation had snowballed quite considerably, but offers a positive counterpoint: With civilization in Australia gone, the Mutant Uncle Grandpas have a valid reason to leave the lair and head for the surface. The leader is nonplussed, however, and begins to explain the concerns: All the monuments placed about Australia to stabilize the country/continent and it's delicate ecosystems; without them, Australia will shake loose from its foundation and sail about the earth, gaining enough momentum to pulverize the other continents. Realizing the only way to prevent the disaster and punishment is to return the monuments, Uncle Grandpa begs Joey to give up his hoard. However, Joey refuses, claiming the entire warning is nothing but “mutant mumbo jumbo” With that thought, he decides to add the council into his collection, frantically shoving the mutants through his zipper as the cavern begins to shake. The situation see!s dire, but Joey stops dead in his tracks when he spots a lady Mutant, and falls madly in love. Seizing the opportunity, Uncle Grandpa introduces him to the fairer sex, but warns him that collections of any kind are considered girl repellent. Upon hearing this, Joey admits he went overboard with his collection, and decides he would do anything to win the hand of the mutant...

   Some time later, Joey has returned to his normal size, and the artific of Australia has been restored, if haphazardly so. Joey apologizes to Uncle Grandpa for going so screwy with his collecting habits, saying he realized that he shouldn't rush into such things. Uncle Grandpa accepts the apology, stating now Joey is able to go on his first date with a gal, though Joey them states he's plans to skip the dates and goes straight to marrying the mutant. Both part ways afterwards, but UG gets another message from the council with a warning, though he opts to ignore it once more...



  • This episode aired in Latin America before the United States. It aired on May 13th, 2016 there.


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