Evil Wizard
Transparent Evil Wizard
"Behold! I am Evil Wizard!"
Species: Wizard
Hair color: Gray
Eye color: Red/Black
Personal Information
  Being an evil wizard who uses magic to make the world a living nightmare
  His wizard castle
  Lucky Wizard
  Uncle Grandpa
Using magic for evil
Engaging in Wizard Battles
Playing his electric guitar
Eating the food at Taco Store.
3-Headed Dragon
Production Information
First Appearance:
  "Tiger Trails" (unofficial)
"Evil Wizard" (official)
Voiced by:
Rob Schrab

Evil Wizard is a recurring character in Uncle Grandpa. He first appeared in the episode "Tiger Trails" as a minor antagonist that fought against Uncle Grandpa and Caleb. Evil Wizard in the short Evil Wizard is a main antagonist who seeks to make Eddie's life a "living nightmare". He is voiced by Rob Schrab.


In Tiger Trails, he wears a plain blue wizard hat, a plain blue robe, an orange bag with a rope attached to it, and plain blue wizard shoes. He has red eyes, a gray beard, a pink nose, and gray eyebrows. In the Evil Wizard short, he wears a plain dark blue robe and a dark blue wizard hat with a yellow star pattern. He has a large white beard, a long and pointy nose, black bushy eyebrows, sharp yellow teeth, and sharp nails.


Evil Wizard is a self proclaimed evil wizard who longs to bring nightmares to life and make the world a terrible place. However, he is not very good at it, especially since he is fixated on making one person's life a living nightmare. He tries his best to be evil, but he always falls short because he doesn't aim high enough. He was shown to have a soft side towards cute things such as baby ducks in Uncle Grandpa Retires and this causes him to try and think evil thoughts.


Uncle Grandpa

In Uncle Grandpa Retires, Evil Wizard was trying to sabotage the RV by trying to pop Uncle Grandpa with spiked up wheels when he was still a wheel, Uncle Grandpa used a nail file on Evil Wizard's wheels and this made him disappointed, so Uncle Grandpa gave him the file for his nails. Evil Wizard was then teasing Uncle Grandpa during the race, while Uncle Grandpa was trying to help Evil Wizard by telling him to look out for the ducks in front of him.


In Uncle Grandpa Retires, Frankenstein needed electricity for his vehicle to power up, he grunted and Evil Wizard provided Frankenstein with the electricity he needed for the race.


Evil Wizard sabotaged Xarna's motorcycle when he slingshot a pebble into the gas tank and causing her to lose all her gas and the race. He then proceeded to tease her off by wishing her luck to find a gas station.


Main Episodes

Tiger Trails

Uncle Grandpa Retires

Evil Wizard

Messing with Eddie


Smile Juice


Uncle Grandpa No. 4


Character Appearances





  • "That was an evil breakfast."
  • "What kind of evil can I do today?"
  • "Oh, taco store, you're the evilist!"

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