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  • He doesn't talk in the pilot.
  • He is refered to as Fanny Pack and voiced by Paul Rugg in Secret Mountain Uncle Grandpa .
  • A belly bag is actually a urinary storage article of clothing, thus making Belly Bag's name a possible inside joke.
  • In "Treasure Map", it is revealed he likes fog machines
    • Additionally, he seems impervious to tear gas
  • As seen in "Uncle Grandpa Sitter", he enjoys eating sprinkles.
  • It is suggested in "Charlie Burgers" that he may have the ability to see into different portals into different dimensions without having to go through them himself. This is suggested when he informs Uncle Grandpa and the others on how if Charlie Burgers goes through the black hole he will be sucked into a dimension where he will be ripped apart by tentacle monsters.
  • Belly Bag didn't speak in a few episodes like the pilot episode, the episodes that he didn't speak are "Brain Game", "Big in Japan", "Future Pizza", "Bad Morning" and "Prank Wars".

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